Metal Storage Solutions                       WE EXPERTISE IN STORAGE SOLUTIONS
Metal Storage systems have always been the pioneer in thinking about the well being of their clients first. Thus, we rank the best in making your life organized and fulfilled and give you easy expertise in the field of storage systems.We believe that it is only with organized racking system that the work environment can be suitable. We have been the pioneers, market leaders and in top among the rung for making good storage products. Our infrastructure set up is of that good quality that you are only going to get world-class design, product management and manufacturing from us. We also offer strong sales support for the better service of all of your needs.The good point of the team at METSTO is that it gives individual attention and detailing to each of its client. Thus, once any requirements from client have come, our team of METSTO will reach the client place understand actual requirement & restructure the plan as per the client requirement & convenience. We make sure in the end the client is very happy and satisfied with whatever they get.So be it any kind of service that you would require-right form selective pallet racking to angle shelving, we are very good in giving any and every kind of storage requirement. Thus, being an ISO certified company, you can be pretty sure that we produce only something that is intelligently made.We are also very efficient in our post sales period. Thus, after sales, we give complete storage solution according to client product. We do thoroughly understand what the client product is, thus, we thoroughly design storage solution to save our time and even space. We make sure that whatever we do it is to the convenience of the client and is done in a pocket friendly way.Being the leading Industrial Storage Rack manufacturers and Heavy-Duty Rack Manufacturers in entire south India such as Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, we have made it possible to supply out highly value added products available to each and every prestigious clients.Being user-friendly racks, the products and spares which are stored in the rack has become easy to audit as it is segregated perfectly and sequentially.